ASC PG-550™ Overview
Universal Flame Spray System
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Affordability One of the lowest-priced thermal spray equipment products on the market (about 50 – 60 % cost of the competition equipment).

Compatibility Can be used in any shop or field, and can be automated.

Cost Effective Manufacturing Outsourced component parts, and rapid assembly and testing.

Extensive Application Widest range of polymer coatings, and widest range of target materials for spraying.

Fuel Adaptability Utilizes multiple fuel sources.

Job Adaptability Quick, easy nozzle assembly interchange for different coatings and materials.

Minimal Complexity Simple design with low ongoing maintenance costs, and no moving parts.

Portability Quickly and easily transportable to field locations.

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• All Commercial Gases
• No Moving Parts in Gun/Feeder
• Push Button Control
• Fast Powder Changes
• 100% Repeatable
ASC PG-550 Color Brochure
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