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Universal Flame Spray System

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Travel Case for PG-550
Make transportation easy while protecting your PG-550...
Metals/Ceramics Nozzle
Replacement metals/ceramics nozzle for PG-550 Universal Spray System.
Plastics/Low Melt Powders Nozzle
Replacement Plastics/Low Melt Nozzle for PG-550 Universal Spray System.

Some accessories for the PG-550 are and accellerator for high impingement applications and a gas shroud for low oxidizing applications.  Also some extra features that can be added to the PG-550 are an Auto Ignitor, a High Flow modification for high volume powder feeding and also the Hose Length can be modified up to twenty (20) feet in length per your requirements.

In addition to these products, Alamo Supply Co., LTD carries a wide variety of powders, wire, ceramic rods and various other thermal spray materials, most of which can be seen on the Material Applications page.  If you have an inquiry about a specific powder or for price quotes on any of these items, please contact us.

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• All Commercial Gases
• No Moving Parts in Gun/Feeder
• Push Button Control
• Fast Powder Changes
• 100% Repeatable
Fuel Choices
• Propane
• Acetylene
• Hydrogen
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