Popular Types of Lifting Devices

Lifting devices, also known as lifting gear or lifting equipment, are items that are used in the lifting of loads. They are often used in construction, during moving, and even in emergency situations when people are being evacuated from buildings. Since they are dangerous to operate, most countries have strict regulations when it comes to how the devices are handled. Some of the common types of lifting devices are as follows:


Forklifts are common for people who want to move things within a short distance. It works like a small vehicle, and the person who is operating the forklift must be well trained to operate it. The forklift has metal protrusions at the front to help in lifting heavy items. A forklift can carry things that are as heavy as 50 tonnes. The power from the forklift is from the intertwining of a pair of chain pulleys and hydraulic cylinders pulling together.


Another popular lifting device is the winch. It works by using a rope that is wound on the device to pull something. It is mostly used to pull heavy items. In most cases, people who are using winches attach them to a wall so that they are in a stationary place, or they are all installed on heavy trucks. Winches can also be used to pull vehicles, and they always come in handy in situations where a big vehicle is stuck in the mud, and they need a device to lift it.


A hoist is the best option for people who want to have something heavy lifted upwards. It can be operated through power or by an individual working manually. A crane is a commonly used lifting device that is popular globally. It uses an angled boom to lift stuff up and down. It is considered to be a versatile option compared to other types of lifting materials. They come in different sizes, so people who are hiring lifting devices always have to specify the kind of lifting they will be doing so that they are assigned the right size. Cranes can move items that are being lifted in any direction.

Vacuum Lifts

People looking for lifting devices that will work best for oddly shaped stuff should opt for vacuum lifts. For instance, it may be difficult to lift panes of glasses using ordinary machines. A vacuum lift uses air pumped in high pressure to lift items. Other than odd-shaped items, vacuum lifts can also be used for heavy items like containers from a cargo. When looking for lifting devices, you should ensure that the person or company that you are contacting is qualified to operate the kind of machine you want. Most of them always insist on prior booking so that they can do proper planning.