ASC PG-550™ Material Applications

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Sprays Wide Variety of Material on Varied Substrates


Nickel Graphite
Self Fluxing Alloys
316 Stainless
420 Stainless
304 Stainless
Aluminum Bronze
NiChrome 80/20
Nickel Aluminide 95/5
Iron Aluminum
Hastaloy C
Chrome Carbide NiChrome
Tungsten Carbide 88/12

Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Titania
Titanium Oxide

Polyethylene L.D.
Polyethylene H.D.
Teflon (DuPont)
Abcite (DuPont)

Powder Information

Aluminum Powder
Electrical units, railway tank cars, boat hulls, cloth, electrical circuits
Aluminum Bronze
Composite powder that has a aluminum core coated with bronze
Bearings, self lubricating coatings
Aluminum Oxide
White aluminum oxide powder
Electrical and thermal insulation
Alumina Titania
A gray aluminum oxide coating
Good resistance to thermal shock, can be used in applications involving fiber and thread wear.
Alloy of tin, anitmony and bizmuth
Bronze Powder
Bearings, Brake linings, and industrial coatings
Copper powder
Electronics, dense spray formed molds, Carbon brushes, electrical circuits
Chrome Carbide
Composite powder combining the hardness and wear resistance of chrome carbide
Provides wear resistance from hard surfaces sliding over the coating.
Hastalloy C
Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy
Corrosion resistance, Circuit boards, fans, blowers, furnaces, heat exchangers
316 Stainless (Austenitic)
Stainless Steel Powder
Wear and Corrosion resistance, clutch plates, cotton gins, also Machinable
410 Stainless (Martensitic)
Stainless Steel Powder
Clutch plates, cotton gins
420 Stainless (Martensitic)
Stainless Steel Powder
Wear resistance applications, pulleys, Grindable, Clutch Plates, cotton gins
Tungsten Carbide
Powder with high wear resistance
Cutting Tools, Mining Tools, Automotive Parts, Appliances, and wear resistant surfaces
Magnesium Zirconate
Ceramic coating with good erosion resistance
Good thermal shock resistance and good erosion resistance at temperatures above 1500 f.
Nickel Graphite
Composite powder that has a graphite core coated with nickel
Automotive, Conductive Gaskets, Corrosion Protection
Titanium Oxide
White to Gray powder with no odor, slightly conductive
Ceramic Finish Coat, Fabrics, moderate abrasive resistance
80/20 Nickel Chrome
Fine grained, narrow band width nickel chrome powder with excellent bonding properties.
Dimensional restoration of worn parts and wear resistant heating elements such as strip heaters, Bond for ceramics, machinable
95/5 Nickel Aluminum
Nickel and aluminum alloy
Impact and abrasive resistant coating, Bond Powder
90/10 Tungsten Carbide Nickel
Tungsten Carbide powder clad with pure nickel
High wear resistance applications
88/12 Tungsten Carbide Cobalt
Very fine tungsten carbide powder sintered with cobalt to produce a dense, hard, wear resistant coating
Wide application in the many industries
Nickel powder
Corrosion resistance, machinable
Nickel-Copper alloy
Corrosion protection in marine hardware
Nickel Alumina
Nickel Aluminum Alloy
Impact and abrasive resistant coating
Tin Powder
Zinc powder with high corrosion resistance
Bridges, castings, Capacitor cases, cloth

Low melting point, good water/chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance
Printing rolls, railing and fences, valves and pipe systems
Nylon and Ceramic powder composite
Properties of nylon with the abrasive resistive properties of a ceramic.
Copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoro-ethylene
High chemical resistance, Coating of pipes for water and chemical use
Kynar P.R.D.F.
High molecular weight homopolymer
Good abrasion and corrosion protection and resistance to UV Radiation
L. D. Polyethylene
Low melting point, high gloss powder
Outdoor Furniture, water proofing, refrigerator shelves, dishwasher baskets, Concrete applications
Abrasive and scratch resistant polymer
Automotive industry, appliances, furniture, electrical, severe corrosion protection
Teflon E.T.F.E. ** DuPont **
Thermoplastic copolymer
Non-Stick Applications, Electrical insulation, resistive to abrasives and chemicals.
Has superior abrasion resistance and impact strength, chemical resistance and non-stick surface
Anti-stick additive, permanent texturing agent
Abrasive and scratch resistant polymer
Application where abrasing resistance is required, dry lubricant requirements
Thermoplastic powder that provides excellent corrosion and UV protection
Water transportation, sign posts, outdoor furniture, fencing
Prevention of barnacles and buildup associated with water exposure
Rubber powder mixed with a polymer
Outdoor furniture, non slip applications, water proofing, also used on wood and concrete applications

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